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Our Lady Of Salvation High School
Welcome to the official website of...

    Our Lady of Salvation High School, Dadar 

In this everchanging world of technology, people are constantly being brought closer together into one giant mass of humanity. Perhaps one place which brings each and every one of us as close together as possible, is our school. The place we spend a major portion of our childhood ....learning, discovering, making mistakes, forming our first friendships and developing the first real attachments to a place away from home. A place that can rightfully be called our second home...
After ten years we are let out into an uncertain world to face whatever may cross our paths. Armed with our education and the values learnt here at Our Lady of Salvation we struggle to make something of ourselves. Whether we succeed or thing remains constant. We always have our school to turn to. This site is an attempt to reassure that trust in our school. For all those of us who cannot visit school regularly and would still like a taste of nostalgia ...this is as close as it gets......

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